This is a modified version of Windows 8.1 Embedded Industry Pro. I call it "Windows 9"

It was designed to bring back the UI from Windows 7, while keeping the kernel improvements from 8.1

You need a license key to activate this operating system.

If you are in college, check if you have a Microsoft Imagine subscription. You can usually get an 8.1 Embedded Industry Pro license key from Microsoft Imagine for free.

Windows 9 is x64 only - this will not work on 32 bit systems.


If affected by a black screen issue after windows update, please visit this page for instructions on how to repair.


Screenshot of the system:

Windows 9 Desktop


Update - 2017 December 14: Version 1.96 and 1.96+

1.0 - Initial Release

1.1 - Fix black screen bug after windows update, embedded more updates.

1.2 - embedded more updates, undid windows 9 logo dll mod to prevent issues with updates.

1.3 - Updated Windows Aero Mod, Updated Chrome, Updated Windows, Removed OpenWithEnhanced, Removed WinRar, Removed Ccleaner, Removed MalwareBytes, Added blur on taskbar + start menu, Installed 7-zip, DISM Reset Base.

1.4 - Removed "Telemetry", Updated Chrome, Updated Windows, DISM Reset Base again - Image is smaller.

1.5 - Updated Chrome, Updated Windows, Removed TMP Files to shrink image, SMB3 Fix, Lock on start menu fix, Enabled Last Known Config (reg backup), QOS Fix, Login Speed Enhancements - Broke Embedded Adblock, will fix in 1.6.

1.6 - Application Experience & CEIP Removed, Embedded Latest Updates, OS Upgrade Disabled, Caption Text Glow Intensity Increased, Chrome Updated | Adblock replaced with uBlock Origin (UPDATE: Chrome's Security System is Blocking Pre-Installed Extensions), Fixed Windows Store Shortcut | Enabled Windows Store, Fixed PC Settings Shortcut, Removed Optional Feature Payloads | DVD SXS Removed to make room. ISO now can fit on 4.7GB DVD, EFI Support Fixed.

1.7 - Removed uBlock (Chrome Security is blocking pre-installed extensions), Updated OldNewExplorer, Fixed Right-Click context menu in START screen, Removed duplicate theme files.

1.8 - Fixed black screen at first boot (due to theme file misname), Removed WinSXS backup files to shrink image

1.9 - Updated StartIsBack to 1.7.5, Fixed slow wifi roaming performance, uBlock Origin for chrome will automatically install on first launch

1.91 - Fixed minor issues introduced in 1.9

1.92 - Fixed bug with 7+ Taskbar Tweaker

1.93 - Added Win7 MSCONFIG (as msconfig1.exe) and registry RTC fix

1.94 - Fixed minor theme bug, remove print from right click menu for bat files, update 7+TT

1.95 - Updated emoji font to Win10 edition, Patched component store manifest cache to fix .net 4.6.2/4.7 install issues, Updated 7+ Taskbar Tweaker

1.96 - Replaced custom theme dll files with original files, now using unsignedthemes service (memory patcher) for new theme engine. This should prevent black screens from updates or sfc /scannow. Removed Google Chrome and 7Zip, Injected all non-optional Windows Updates (As of 2017 December 13), Updated 7+ Taskbar Tweaker to, Updated OldNewExplorer to, Dism Reset base to shrink image.

1.96+ - Same as 1.96 but with Google Chrome and 7Zip preinstalled. Attempted experimental capture method that skips capturing regeneratable files (.log files for example) to shrink image so it could still fit on DVD. If you notice weird issues, use Win9 1.96 (non plus).


Download 1.96 from

Or click here to download 1.96 from EastCoastHosting

Download 1.96+ from

Or click here to download 1.96+ from EastCoastHosting



1. Download the file using the download link above.

2. Extact the .7z file with 7-Zip

3. Use the included tool to copy the iso onto a USB flash drive that is larger than 4gb

4. Boot to the flash drive

5. Follow onscreen instructions to Install Windows.




This image is provided with no license key, therefore it is not an illegal source of windows. Users must provide their own license key for activation.

All pre-installed software/tweaks belong to the companies/people who made it.

Windows 9 might be a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation, I do not own the term "Windows 9".

Please don't sue me, thanks.

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